Skye | Simplifying day-to-day scheduling.

day-to-day scheduling

Powerful set of features for automatically managing all your tasks and events with a click of a button.



Connect with Google Calendar to retrieve all your events and tasks from multipSle calendars.



Allow Skye to magically prioritize all your tasks and events and tell you when they fit in your schedule.


Side Kick

Ask Skye if you can fit in another event without interfering with other events.

Upcoming Features

  • SplitUp - Some tasks can be done in multiple parts so why not split them up for maximum scheduling capabality.
  • Anayltics - Determine how much more or less time it takes you for certain events than the planned event time
  • Synchronize from other desktop applications
  • Work Offline

Want even more?

Team Members: Drew, Lucas, Saad, Waley

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